Access Cards

Support your favorite partners!

Access Cards in Sparkadia provide exclusive access to a subset of themed off-chain assets. Access Cards are typically created for Sparkadia partners who we've teamed up with to create unique in-game items that represent our partners brand or community.
For example (EXAMPLE ONLY), we may partner up with McDonald's to create a collection of 1,000 "McDonald's Access Card" NFTs. Owning this NFT unlocks 2 in-game assets, all McDonald's theme, i.e. a McDonald's themed emote or a full Ronald McDonald outfit to run around as in Sparkadia.
Selling or trading your Access Card will revoke your access to the off-chain items and it's important to note, the off-chain items cannot be sold or traded.
Access Cards are Sparkadia's way of handling unique partnerships with real-world companies and communities. Sparkadia is focusing on quality over quantity here, so there will be very few official partnerships using the Access Card model.