Crafting NFTs

A fair system for players; a beneficial system for crafters

Being able to craft NFTs is awesome for players. Though our first game is a MOBA-style brawler rather than an RPG, we want to bring a simplified crafting system to players that gives them choices as well as gives crafters benefits in exchange for crafting for others.
A player only requires two things to craft an NFT: A blueprint NFT from reward pools and the fixed Jingles amount to craft that rarity NFT.
For example, a player would win a Legendary Edenbrawl skin blueprint in the reward pool. They would then take the Blueprint and Jingles to an NPC and pick which legendary Edenbrawl skin they would like. That's it. No boring grinds required.
Worldspark then grabs that order and looks for any legendary tier crafting station that is powered up (through their owner being active) and automatically sends that order to the first available. The owner then receives some tickets, a cut of the Jingles used, a royalty fee off a fixed number of resales of that NFT, as well as XP to further level up their crafting station.
What if there aren't any crafting stations available? No worries, Worldspark then 'crafts' the skin for the player. This system was designed to share the benefits of player demand with crafters while protecting players against market exploitation or price manipulation.