Optimize your time!

Modifiers are NFTs that allow players to improve their outcomes in different parts of the ecosystem. To use modifiers, players must install them into their Dwellings (Land), meaning a player can only have so many active at one time (with the amount of slots being determined by the Dwelling rarity level).
Modifiers include buffs in areas such as ticket pass progression speed, account and character progression speed, crafting benefits, ticket generation, reward pool distributions, and in some games within the ecosystem, modifiers can even provide direct gameplay bonuses (big emphasis on some games, not all!).


Modifiers can be temporarily "supercharged" via a small token burn. This drastically increases the bonus of the modifier for a short time, for example, increasing a percentage buff from 20% to 40%.

The Details

  • Modifiers are NFTs, meaning they have both rarity and scarcity.
  • The same type of modifier can exist in multiple rarities, each with varying power levels (i.e. rare is 20% bonus while the same modifier but epic is 30%)
  • Modifiers can be acquired through reward pools or in-game achievements, but are primarily gained through crafting.
  • Modifiers work passively and as long as they are slotted into your dwelling, their bonuses are active. Your choices can be switched in and out freely with a small cooldown
  • Buffs to game progression vary by game, but PvP games such as Edenbrawl will not have modifiers that give one team an unfair advantage. Rather, they will buff areas such as account and character progression.