Play for fun!

When originally setting out to create the economy within Sparkadia, the team had a singular vision: An economy that sustained itself on fun, not earning potential. The advent of Web3 has brought a new element of asset ownership and the idea of "getting paid to play games", but Worldspark maintains the idea that games are meant to be enjoyed.
To that end, Sparkadia's economy has been meticulously handcrafted to create sufficient utility and depth across the spectrum of the ecosystem. Sparkadia's economy looks to solve the issues commonly seen in Web3 games, including the death spiral of player scale combined with the inherent scarcity of Web3. Moreover, because Sparkadia is driven by gameplay, so long as the games are fun, the economy survives. With the ecosystem model, there are hundreds of levers to pull to ensure a sustainable economy for years to come as we continue to grow.

The Model: Hard Currency + Token

Sparkadia runs on two primary currencies, a Hard Currency called "Jingles" (off-chain) and the utility token $SPARK (on-chain). "Jingles" are our take on the traditional F2P style currency (Riot Points, V-Bucks, etc) and are Worldspark's primary mechanism to fund the studio. They're also a very familiar game mechanic for players.
$SPARK is designed to allow players to benefit from a thriving community. Worldspark does not rely on selling $SPARK from our treasury in order to grow our studio.

On-Chain vs Off-Chain

Similar to the hybrid currency model, Sparkadia's assets also can either off-chain or on-chain. For example, a Legendary Skin is an NFT and therefore on-chain. To acquire the legendary skin, you'll have to acquire the NFT blueprint to craft it or simply purchase the skin on the marketplace. An Uncommon Skin however, is more likely to be off-chain. This skin is purchasable directly through the Sparkadia store for Jingles (which can be purchased easily via Fiat) or earned in our battle pass system call Ticket Passes.
On-chain items are tradeable on the secondary marketplace, while off-chain items are not.
This hybrid model allows both blockchain and non-blockchain players to participate in the economy (for example, all players receive an off-chain Dwellings (Land) and therefore have access to the various utility benefits dwellings provide, but owners of on-chain Dwellings are able to scale the benefits even higher)

A Curated Ecosystem of Interoperability

Interoperability via Blockchain creates an endless array of possibilities when it comes to gaming, but that also comes with an endless array of complexity. To that end, Sparkadia utilizes a concept we call "Interoperability where it makes sense".
Sparkadia is a closed and curated ecosystem, meaning only Worldspark Studios games and assets are part of the economy. That means while there are no intentions to be ever interoperable with other Web3 games or metaverses, there are possibilities of interoperability within the ecosystem.
For example, let's say that two games within Sparkadia both use our Heroes, and therefore, both use the cosmetic skins available to those heroes. Players would only need to purchase one skin and that skin would be available for use in both games!

Asset Ownership

One of the greatest aspects of the blockchain is the idea of actual Asset Ownership. When you play a game for years, it's sometimes sad to look back at your account where you've dropped thousands of dollars and thousands of hours only see that the only thing that account has of value is nostalgia. Nostalgia is cool, but so is actually owning that time investment!

Player Expression

There's a spark in everyone and one of the primary goals of the Sparkadian economy is allow players to successfully express exactly what theirs is. Building out a virtual avatar and virtual life in a metaverse is an interesting concept, but Sparkadia takes it to the next level as we look for players to express themselves through the games they play and how they play them. Show off your fandom for your favorite hero, wear your favorite Edenbrawl esports pro's jersey, proudly share your 100% completion badge for one of our games or alternatively, play every game and proudly exclaim you're a superfan! Expression becomes infinitely more intriguing when players have shared interests (See: Gaming, the Great Unifier).
In Sparkadia, not only is the choice of what you do yours to make, so is the choice for how you express it!

Full Economics Paper

The following sections summarize the major elements of the economy, but our full economics paper is available for those that want to take an even deeper look.