Early earn-focused blockchain games have suffered the fate of intense value extraction occurring which in turns causes excess sale pressure and an inevitable death spiral. While the idea of earning money while playing games is a fun one, it's inherently antagonistic with both scale and long-term sustainability.
In Sparkadia, there are specific mechanisms in place to dis-incentivize value extraction. When play is driven exclusively by fun and entertainment, the scale and scope of the utility provided by acquired value is exponentially larger. This gives multiple avenues of motivation for players to use that value to grow within the ecosystem rather than leave it.
Additionally, given the inherent nature of blockchain and the concept of scarcity, typical blockchain economies suffer (or would suffer) given sufficient scale. Given the expectations for Sparkadia is in the count of millions of players, the economy has been specifically designed accordingly as one which has countless levers that can scale up and down as needed without putting overall supply at risk.


As mentioned in Sparkadia's Vision & Pillars section, one key focus across the ecosystem is reducing the barriers to entry. If Sparkadia is to capture and onboard the next 10 million gamers into blockchain, friction AND the burden of knowledge must be drastically reduced. This begins with not requiring any blockchain knowledge or purchase to access the ENTIRE ecosystem.
Moreover, depth does not have to be antagonistic with accessibility. While the spreadsheet deep-divers will have plenty to explore within Sparkadia's complex economy (seriously, check out our Machinations breakdown below!), the logic behind how each system intertwines is simple to follow and the bulk of the economy can be participated in with zero advanced knowledge. Simple to participate, hard to become a mogul!

Gameplay First

It's been posted in countless sections, but once again, Sparkadia is gaming with blockchain, not blockchain with gaming. All economic designs are driven by game design.
In simple terms, when considering the MOBA genre, it's inherently clear that there should be zero economic interactions (blockchain or otherwise) that should affect gameplay and in Sparkadia, there isn't! Rather than force economic decisions into games, we build those decisions AROUND the game via the ecosystem model. This allows us to make uncompromising games and strategically select synergizing pieces to fill gaps for the full economic loop.
It's not glamorous, but it is potentially the most important piece of the puzzle. All of Sparkadia's economy has been thoroughly vetted and verified compliant for gambling laws, money transmission laws, securities laws, and more. While compliance may be a smaller concern for most games now, Worldspark believes that as the Web3 gaming space grows in popularity, it will begin to see heightened scrutiny and we believe its best to be prepared!