Sparkadia Origin

Our first ever NFT sale!


The "Sparkadia Origin" is a Legendary Tier Collection consisting of 8 individual hero NFTs that when owned in full provide substantial bonuses across the ecosystem.
The Origin Collection represents the first 8 available heroes announced for Sparkadia: Inksy, Jet, Jan Itor, Roostandor, Hotpaws, Kana, GloKat, and Snooker.
For more details on how Collections work within Sparkadia, see the Collections page

Available now on Rarible, TokenTrove, and Immutable

Utility and Exclusive Bonuses

As a Legendary Collection, the Origin set's primary utility is providing a large bonus to your ticket bonus modifier. (Tickets are used to enter reward pools and acquire in-game items/currencies. More tickets = more chances to win!)
As Sparkadia's first ever NFT sale, it also comes with a host of exclusive benefits specific to the Origin collection. Owning all 8 individual NFTs as a completed set will grant you:
  • Discounted Pre-sale Access: Gain early access and discounts to upcoming sales including our Passports sale (Edenbrawl Early Access) and our Dwellings sale (Dwellings (Land))
  • Unique 'Origin' Trophy: Special collectible item to display inside your dwelling. Let everyone know you were an original supporter of Sparkadia!
  • VIP Access: The Origin Collection is one of the few select items within Sparkadia that grant the VIP designation. This designation gives you access to an exclusive VIP Reward Pool that contains special items and increased outcomes over the standard reward pools.
  • Alpha Access Weekends: We'll be hosting multiple alpha access weekends prior to launch (dates TBD, but soonish!). Owning a set will grant you exclusive access to play in these events.

Giveaway Campaign: Earn free stuff!

To celebrate our launch, Sparkadia is hosting a giveaway campaign where all you need to do is sign up for a chance to win a free NFT from the Origin collection. From there, you can perform various actions like watching our videos, liking tweets, and joining our Discord to earn even more rewards. Refer your friends for even more chances to win!
Head to to get started!

Minting Details

Legendary Tier
Total Amount Minted:
10,000 sets (80,000 total NFTs)

First Public Sale Details (LIVE NOW):

Sale Date:
September 19th, 2022
Initial Price:
$20 per individual NFT.
Amount Available:
1,000 sets (8,000 total NFTs)