Like Exodia, but... different!

Collections are groupings of similar NFTs that when collected, provide bonuses to a player's ticket generation modifier.
Think of Collections like sets of NFTs. For example, one collection might be a set of 8 different original concept art pieces that all belong to the same theme, let's say the Legendary Space Cancun Sparkadia line (which is actually a thing!). As you collect each NFT in this line, the "Space Cancun Concept Art" Legendary Collection will begin populating and show your progress.
You can then insert this into one of your Dwelling's collection slots, gaining your ticket generation modifier bonus based on both the completeness of the collection and rarity of the collection, i.e. Legendary Collections grant higher modifier bonuses than Rare Collections.

Visible Completion

Beyond just the utility of the ticket modifier bonus, each Collection set comes with a 2D or 3D asset that can be placed in your dwelling on completion of the set (these assets differ based on what the Collection is). So for all you collectible enthusiasts, it's time to make your dwelling the ultimate museum of Sparkadia!

The Details

  • Collections can be any grouping of NFTs within Sparkadia, ranging from simple illustrations, concept art pieces, narrative snippets, skins, gameplay moments, and more. Collections are designed to provide utility to the more niche, collectible NFTs within Sparkadia that don't have immediate gameplay or visual impact.
  • The amount of Collection slots you have is based on your dwelling rarity. You can have as many Collections as you want (gotta collect 'em all!), but only the ones input into your dwelling will count toward your modifier bonus (so always slot your highest rarity one!)
    • Dev Note: This system exists for our Accessibility pillar and helps players who care little about collectibles but care a lot about ticket generation to still easily access these modifiers bonuses. They'll only need to acquire 1 or 2 Collections to be on a level playing field as the rest!
  • Not all NFTs belong to a Collection, but players will be able to easily identify those that do.
  • Incomplete Collections can be slotted into your Dwelling, but receive a smaller portion of the full bonus modifier you'd receive if the Collection was complete.