The City of Sparkadia

Sparkadia is the city at the center of the multiverse. This vast, thriving metropolis is populated by people from different timelines, alternate universes, parallel dimensions, and occasionally a cosmic god-like entity or two. While no one’s sure who built this city, most evidence points to it being designed and constructed by the enigmatic Avos. Nevertheless, the city is home and refuge to outcasts and those who have become unstuck in time and space.

Sparkadia is filled with architectural marvels like swooping plazas, waterfalls that defy gravity, towering spires, and mind-boggling geometry. The Machina have established a HUBB Nexus, which resembles a giant glowing cube of datalattice material, which allows them to communicate with their home universe. It’s also the hottest nightclub in the city, since everyone knows the Machina throw the best parties.

The Fabled, who adore music in all forms, sang to the city itself, and it created a grand concert hall for them to play their instruments. This is called the Dreamsung Symphonium, and it is a place of magic, music, and bombastic concerts. Especially on Starfire Eve, which marks the new year in Sparkadia.

Most buildings and structures are open to everyone, except for Avos Tower, also known as the Spire of Seven Helixes. It is the tallest structure in the whole city, and the second tallest object on the surface of Avonova, second only to Tiny Titan Mountain.

The citizens of Sparkadia live in a blended society of quantum equals. Maybe it’s something in the air, but the different races from their vastly different home-universes live together in relative harmony. There are no food or fuel shortages. Housing springs up into existence for new arrivals. Best of all: there is no traffic, and even if there were traffic jams or pile-ups, it doesn’t matter—time is meaningless here.

In truth, the Avos did build the city, but its true name and purpose are a closely guarded secret. They even have a secret name for the city, which they don’t consider a city at all. To those initiated into the mysteries of the Avos, the city is called Peridexion, or the Peridexion Tree. This knowledge is kept hidden from most of the population; a few clever and curious citizens have discovered the name—but not what it means.

Sparkadia is a city of celestial intrigue, multiversal co-existence, and universal wonder. Anyone lucky enough to win the cosmic lottery and find themselves phased out of their plane of existence is delighted to call this magnificent city their home. It was these fortunate souls who gave the city the name of Sparkadia, on account of its shimmering nature, and how they feel within its walls—like the spark inside them is growing brighter and brighter each day.

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