The Rebel Graffiti Queen
On her now-dead Earth, Inksy made a reputation for herself through her striking and fearless murals, exposing corporate scumbags and promoting kindness. Not only would her targets find themselves outed on their own territory, but, thanks to Inksy’s homemade Perma-Pigment, the graffiti would not wash off. She’d probably have received hundreds of ‘Cease and Desist’ orders… if anyone had known who she was and where to find her.
While she was inundated with ideas for her murals out on the streets, Inksy was finding it increasingly difficult to create in the comfort of her own home. The world around her was dying and so many people were suffering; she was so overwhelmed by the helplessness of it all that she found it hard to create anything joyful for herself. One day, when she was searching for inspiration in the fridge (as usual), Inksy was somehow sucked through it, and emerged on Avonova.
Now, in this paradise world where anything can happen, Inksy is inspired to paint every day. She doesn’t even need a surface to work on; she can create right into the air around her, and her art instantly comes to life. The birds sing, the flowers bloom, the doors open… until a mysterious cleaner mops them all out of existence, that is.
Inksy is largely unfazed by events in Sparkadia these days, with one exception: Splitches. These bizarre, eerie glitches in space-time appear out of nowhere, seemingly triggered by Inksy’s creations. They’re unpredictable and inconsistent, no two ever the same, but each one rouses an uncomfortable suspicion in Inksy that this paradise is too good to be true. As on Earth, Inksy believes everyone has a right to the truth, and she is determined to expose the deceitful elite for the whole of Sparkadia to see.
The Avos won’t know what’s hit them.
Hero Quotes:
I'm not attacking you, I'm improving you!