Jan Itor

The Clean Machine
In the Machina universe, Jan Itor devoted his life to eradicating complex tangles of messy code and sweeping up bits of data spillage. There was no mess, clutter, or unkempt fields he could not tidy or clear. One day, he spotted a mess logged as #213qp312 and rushed to mop it up. The stubborn spot refused to vanish, forcing Jan to scrub harder, faster, with more vigor than his chassis could handle. He formulated new solvents and invented new scrubbing protocols until, finally, the spot vanished from the Parsector prime data repository. But something was off… When Jan Itor inspected the newly cleaned spot, he found he had scrubbed too hard and torn the fabric of spacetime. To properly repair the hole, he entered through it to sew it shut from the other side, inadvertently stranding himself in the mysterious world of Avonova.
Of all the messes Jan’s ever cleaned, the city of Sparkadia is by far the biggest and toughest. Luckily, he loves it! It brings him joy to create cleanliness and order where there was only filth and disarray. He enjoys a freshly shined surface and finds his favorite smell is lemon and industrial solvents.
Together with his omni-cleanser-fabricator named Bucky, every single mess is an adventure! There are a few vexing messes, such as Inksy’s graffiti-sculptures. They’re resistant to most of Jan’s advanced mopping techniques and several of Bucky’s most potent detergents. Working together, Jan and Bucky pioneered a new cleaning method: the para-causality degaussing formula. Not even Inksy’s magical artistry could resist this new transdimensional solvent.
But what will Jan do when everything is clean? Well, that happened once, a long time ago. He finally took a rest, opting to snooze at the dazzlingly clean Plaza at the center of Sparkadia. When he awoke from his nap, the whole city was filthy once again—and now swarming with hundreds of new people! According to Jan Itor, that was a few thousand years ago and he’s still trying to catch up…
Hero Quotes:
Harder, better, faster, cleaner...