Slingmeat Sando

By Matthew Garcia-Dunn

Third time this week my boss wanted me slinging non-meat burgers across New Detroit. Some fancy tech guy upstate wants a taste of the old city burger, and it was my gig to grill and get going. You know the grind. Sometimes we meet some interesting people.

Enter the fancy tech guy, who pays cash. Who pays in cash? For a slingburger?

The door was wide open, like StarKat’s mouth when she gets really hungry. So I walked in and saw the longest table I’d ever seen. Some guy grabbed me by the arm and wrenched the order out of my hand. But it was worth it… because I got a glimpse of the knife that changed my life.

It belonged to Top Chef Season 137 winner David Kensu, founder of Sashimichanga—the greatest restaurant in the history of the world. He was the last of the great chefs.

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