In the year 2495, Gloria Martiene Holbrook was a student at Whitmore University and was still reeling from the loss of her father, an Arturio Industries executive, seven years earlier. To comfort herself, she finally decided to put on the StarKat anime parka he gifted her before his mysterious disappearance. Unbeknownst to Gloria, the parka was a portal to Avonova, and the parka she thought was merely a tired piece of merchandise from an old TV show turned out to be a living, interactive article that had the tendency to transform her emotions into playful projectiles, while complementing her more introverted personality.
Together Gloria and StarKat are “GloKat.”
After a mind-blowing journey through the city of Sparkadia and beyond, Gloria remains the only person ever to choose to leave this paradise world, determined to at least try to heal her climate-marred Earth. But just when she had laid the foundation for saving her planet, she and StarKat were magically zapped back to the city of Sparkadia as a result of Roostandor!’s Ovomancy.
Now permanent residents of Sparkadia, GloKat, this wild yin-yang of personalities, often wrestles with whether they are going too far or not far enough when it comes to their adventures, but their friends in Sparkadia adore them all the same.
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