The Multiversal Masterchef
As a child, Kana read through the only book that captured her attention: Attaining Flavor Fusion, by Chef David Kensu. She was enraptured by the photos of the recipes, the lists of ingredients that read like another language. In the 200 years since David Kensu wrote his book, nearly all the ingredients he’d used had gone extinct. Many nights, Kana lay awake wondering what a kiwi was, and how it tasted—or if farm-raised salmon did taste different from wild-caught. So many flavors, lost to time…
Kana didn’t despair. According to Chef Kensu: a true chef must be able to cook with what is available to her. So, she joined Slingmeat, a fast-food crew renowned throughout Nueva Seoul as the best cheap sandwiches of reconstituted whatever. She developed her skills and saved enough to buy her own food truck, which she commissioned “Sashimichanga.” Life on the road was a dream. She drove around the city, exploring its nooks and neighborhoods, delivering hot Slingmeat sandwiches all over.
Kana won Chef Kensu’s knife in an underground onion-slicing competition. For six grueling hours, she chopped and chopped and chopped, never once breaking a sweat or shedding a tear. However, when the owner of the blade changed their mind at the last minute and decided to keep the blade for themself, Kana got angry. She drove her food truck straight through the double-dealer’s living room, where she grabbed the knife and drove off into the Nueva Seoul sunset.
As for how Kana came to Sparkadia? Some say she drove the wrong way down a one-way street, others swear she used Chef Kensu’s knife to slice her way through reality, while others maintain that after reclaiming her prize, she drove straight into the shimmering Nueva Seoul sunset and out of a misplaced wormhole. Others believe she was summoned here to prepare an interdimensional feast for cosmic gods.
Everyone who visits her food truck raves about Kana’s bold new flavor experiments, and they also know to never touch her knife, or criticize her cooking… with one notable exception. Kana can’t seem to prepare sustenance that Machina can consume and enjoy. She’s still learning. After all, she’s only just tasted strawberries for the first time. Kana set herself to the task of becoming the first interdimensional, pan-galactic master chef.
Hero Quotes: ​
KANA: We're on a sacred mission to discover all flavors: new, old, and imaginary. ​
KENSU: Warning: Tasting our food may cause your taste-buds to gain self-awareness!
KANA: Give us all your flavors and everybody gets fed! ​