Kana & Kensu

The Interdimensional Master Chefs​
Born in the year 2473 in Nueva Seoul, Kana came to Avonova ready to fuse all the flavors of the multiverse through her own unique culinary perspective. This self-taught upstart is the owner of Sashimichanga, a food truck that always delivers moveable feasts to Humans, Machina, Fabled, and the Avos. ​
Kana carries her culinary mentor with her wherever she goes in the form of her chopping knife. The masterful blade is imbued with the spirit of Chef David Kensu, a culinary legend who lived, cooked, and died three hundred years before Kana was born. ​
Together they learn the ins and outs of Sparkadian cuisine in search of new flavor combinations to make your taste buds gain self-awareness.
Hero Quotes: ​
KANA: We're on a sacred mission to discover all flavors: new, old, and imaginary. ​
KENSU: Warning: Tasting our food may cause your taste-buds to gain self-awareness!
KANA: Give us all your flavors and everybody gets fed! ​