Avonovan Avocado Pie

by Matthew Garcia-Dunn


  1. Sparkling Peppers that grow by the broken blue statue of a hand with seven fingers. Chef Kensu says the peppers taste like “ghost reapers from Carolina”. I don’t know what those taste like, but chef says they taste good, like green flames, and so I will trust.

  2. Purple avocados from the GreenThumb. They are creamy and sweet, Chef Kensu says. I will trust.

  3. My signature Solong Spice blend. From Earth. Nobody knows this flavor. Chef Kensu trusts me.

Blend and boil. Bake in a crust.

Ask friends to taste.

Jet begged for milk. Then more milk. There was not enough milk.

Snooker smeared it across his digitally projected mouth and said “delicious”.

Hotpaws asked for thirds.

Chef Kensu told me to taste.

My tongue felt like fireworks.

Chef Kensu can’t stop laughing.

All ingredients are secrets.

Even to me.

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