Vision & Pillars

Gaming, the Great Unifier

The world of Sparkadia is a diverse melting pot of cosmic beings, ordinary people, and bizarre creatures, all unified under the central mission of finding their Spark and impacting the universe in their own positive way. As citizens of Sparkadia, this mission applies to each of our players as well.

Sparkadia places emphasis on the power gaming as one the world's most greatest unifiers. The hub world model is designed specifically to increase player expression (avatars) and player interaction (virtual vs text). By itself (i.e. a standalone social world/metaverse), these outcomes are difficult for many players to fully embrace, but when put together with engaging games, players suddenly have the ability create bonds through shared interests and collective gameplay experiences.

Simply put, it's like sitting down at a new cafeteria table and discovering you all like the same anime!

Optimistic and Empowering Experiences

Let's face it, today's gaming landscape is becoming more and more toxic by the day, with raging and blame becoming the norm. Sparkadia believes gaming should be a community, a space where all ships rise with the tide and a place where all can feel welcome.

Many games have tried to combat toxicity by implementing behavioral systems and while Sparkadia will come equipped with those, it approaches the solution to this problem in a more indirect way. Simply put, Sparkadia is centered around the idea that happy games equals happy gamers. It believes that barraging players with an array of uplifting, optimistic experiences will in turn result in empowered, more optimistic players.

When our community succeeds, we succeed

Creating a successful game in today's landscape relies largely on creating a dedicated community of passionate fans. These communities live most off passion for the game and we've seen too many stories off that passion going unrewarded.

Our goal is to create structures inside Sparkadia where our community is incentivized for our success, and that doesn't just mean monetarily. This includes rev share components on the esports and content creator side where engaging your fans to become our fans has a direct reward mechanism.

More importantly though, this extends to our everyday players, as we vow to continue to look for ways to show our appreciation and show how much we value their input. Sparkadia began as a small project that survived solely due to its community and it will find a way to repay that.

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