The Hub World

Space Cancun!

The hub world of Sparkadia (also known as 'Club') is the central link between all games within the ecosystem. 'Club' allows players to further immerse themselves in Sparkadia beyond just gameplay, living virtual life as a Sparkadian citizen. As a citizen, you'll experience firsthand the inner workings of the city, walking alongside famous Sparkadian notables like the mysterious Avos and even Edenbrawl champions simply living their every day life. You'll interact with fellow players, creating bonds over your shared interests within the ecosystem. You'll show off your spoils and achievements, loudly standing on top of the mailbox showing everyone the fancy flamingo hat you unlocked.

"The world is not our game": not just another metaverse

'Club' is designed specifically to enhance gameplay experiences, not standalone as one. One common issue in the current metaverse model is they are designed to simulate a virtual life, with players building, exploring, and socializing. While this is a valid path for certain audiences, the sheer quantity leads to an problem of "why am I logging in every day to come to this world?"
Sparkadia solves this problem with a simple statement: "The world is not our game". What this means is that the world itself is not the reason to login to Sparkadia, the games are. While the world itself is engaging and there is fun to be had, that fun amplifies significantly when these activities are related to games you play, characters you know, and stories you love. Just because you're done playing our games for the day, does not mean you're done inside our world.

What can I do?


Players will create an avatar to serve as a vessel for their Sparkadian lives and control this Avatar via a third-person camera as they explore everything this cosmic worldscape has to offer. Through various customizations, players can personalize their avatar to reflect both their personalities and their achievements within Sparkadia.
These customizations include a wide array of outfits, sprays, emotes, badges, tattoos, and more.
The most stylish avatar in the world isn't complete without adequate ways to show off and collaborate with others. Discover unique interactions with the countless props and items scattered throughout Sparkadia. We're not saying there is a secret if you jump on top of each other's heads, stack up to a certain point, then have the person on top use the firework boots, but we're also not saying there isn't.

Public Space - Plaza Area and City

Most interactions will take place in the public space, where players will gather to socialize and show off their customizations and achievements. While 'Club' will have humble origins as simply an open plaza space, it will eventually grow into a sprawling city complete with diverse neighborhoods and hidden nooks to explore.
As a citizen, you'll interact with fellow Sparkadian inhabitants, both fellow players and non-playable characters that play key roles within the universe. As you walk the streets, you'll spot incredible achievements and customizations on display from other players as you silently judge their poor taste in color schemes and sneakers. Find yourself chasing Max's tennis ball across the rooftops or launching yourself sky-high on a cosmic trampoline, slowly gliding down and taking in Sparkadia in all it's glory. Or our personal favorite, simply just run around and jump in circles endlessly while you procrastinate going to bed.
Ultimately, the public space of 'Club' is what the players make it. Sparkadia provides the props and it's players provide the improv.

Private Space - Dwellings

Nestled into the various neighborhoods of Sparkadia, or even floating out in the vast cosmoscape, are dwellings. Dwellings are the private areas of Sparkadia, with each player having their own personalized section of land to build on. After constructing their home and carefully decorating it with the various trinkets they've collected throughout their journey, players can invite friends and enemies alike for a nice cup of tea and constantly make references to the Rank 1 emblem proudly displayed on their wall.
All players receive access to a basic dwelling, though dwellings can be further upgraded or purchased to increase its space and special features. You can read more about the utility and functions of dwellings in the economy section for Dwellings.

How does it work?

User Experience and Flow

Players always begin by launching Sparkadia, logging in as their avatar/citizen. From there, they're able to directly access any game within the ecosystem. Think of it like queueing up for a match from your favorite game, except you're able to access many games at once, a virtual launcher in a way. Once in-game, you'll experience that game as a complete standalone product and while some games may have direct avatar tie-in, not all do. For example, in the case of a Mobrawler genre game, you'll choose a champion from champion select and play as that champion. In a Card Battler, you'll play directly as your avatar. This player experience is dependent entirely on the game.
As you finish your match/campaign/play session in any Worldspark Studios game, you'll return to Sparkadia, once again as your avatar, now able to review your spoils and perhaps even send a friendly bow and 'GG' to the player you just absolutely styled on in-game.