Sparkball, the first game in the Sparkadia ecosystem, combines the action combat of a brawler with the endless depth of a MOBA to create a “Mobrawler”, a unique experience that grips you match 1 and keeps you engaged at match 10,000. With intense WASD skill-based combat, unique hero playstyles, streamlined player agency, and tactical game modes, Edenbrawl creates an addicting multiplayer experience where no match is like the last.
Sparkball features top-down gameplay where players control a single hero in objective-based maps similar to MOBAs such as League of Legends, DotA2, or Heroes of the Storm. Edenbrawl is unique to those titles however, in that players use WASD to move and there are no minions or lane pushing modes. While the core gameplay does not include the typical lanes and jungles players are accustomed to, it does include several traditional MOBA mechanics such as spells, items, talents, and more.
Sparkball is designed to be significantly faster and more action-packed than traditional MOBAs. Combat is intense and relies heavily on skillshots, dodging, and outplaying your opponent rather than farming minions 90% of the time!

The Game Mode

Sparkball's primary game mode is a unique blend of Capture the Flag, FIFA, and intense brawler combat where teams of 5 work together to grab a ball in the center of the map and carry/pass it to score in the enemy team's goal
While scoring the ball is the primary victory condition, there are multiple ways to do so. Sparkballball is an intense back and forth where team's can focus on brute teamfighting force, secondary objective focus, or precise positioning and passing to come out on top.

The Ball and Scoring

While it's easy to get distracted, it's important to always keep an eye for where the ball is on the map. The ball initially spawns in the center of the map and can be picked up by walking over it. Players are able to move freely while possessing the ball and can also pass it to their teammates using direct or lob passes. To score, players must shoot the ball into the goal.
Sparkball works in a round-based format where teams much reach a certain number of points to win the round. It's best of 3 rounds and between each round, there's a short shopping period along with special unlocks to make each round unique!

Carrying and Passing

While carrying the ball, you'll gain access to a few new abilities based on your hero's role, and more importantly, the ability to pass the ball. There are two types of passing, driven and lob. Driven passes are charged skillshots where you'll charge up the power behind the pass, with the pass traveling along the ground in the selected direction. Lob passes are also charged, but can be targeted into a specific area. Properly utilizing the speed and accuracy tradeoffs of both of these passes is key to the teamwork required for scoring the ball!
While carrying, you'll maintain a separate bar called 'Fatigue'. Taking damage or being CC'd while carrying increased your fatigue. Once you reach 100% fatigue, you'll become "Broken" and be forced to drop the ball shortly after!


Ever played Super Smash Bros with items on? Or enjoy that uber-satisfying blue shell pickup in Mario Kart? Now imagine that random question mark box popping up in Sparkball. Across the map, players can acquire unique pickups like grappling guns, jump boots, or even a baseball bat to swat someone straight off the map!


In between rounds of an Edenball match, teams get a chance to vote on roguelite style buffs which affect the next round in unique ways. For example, one blessings may simply provide defensive walls around your endzone while another may completely alter the map, opening up new strategies and tactics


Augments are special talents that a hero unlocks throughout a match. They are typically hero-specific, but there are role-specific and general augments that are available to all heroes. Augments add an extra dimension to hero customization throughout each match, allowing a single hero to be adapt multiple ways both to your playstyle or for the needs of the team!


No MOBA-style game is complete without heroes and Sparkadia's are front and center. In Sparkball, players pilot a Hero of their choice, all equipped an array of abilities to duke it out in the arena. With the action-oriented brawler style combat combined with the unique ball mechanics, hero design grows even more new legs, with countless intricacies and interactions for players to discover.


Sparkball is a 100% free-to-play (F2P) game with absolutely zero pay-to-win (P2W). All purchasable items are strictly cosmetic. Players cannot purchase anything that would provide any sort of advantage over other players.

Esports and Competitive Focus

While Sparkball is a great game to pick up and play with your friends, Worldspark will also be prioritizing a competitive scene. Sparkadia has already seen great success in competitive formats and is also fun to watch as a spectator.
The typical ranked MMR queues vs normal queues will be implemented, but Sparkadia will also host regular tournaments for all player ranks and eventually look to create an official Sparkball league!