Someone somewhere imagined that Hotpaws exists, so Hotpaws exists. Born in the belly of a volcano, surrounded by nothing but rocks and lava and other rock-like Fabled. Hotpaws loved to make up games to help pass the time. Anyone brave enough—or heatproof enough—to join in described his playing style as “hot” or “too hot” or “melting the barriers of spacetime.” These comments stoked Hotpaws’s excitement, which in turn caused his temperature to sear a hole through reality and straight into the city of Sparkadia. Alarmed by the magnitude of his geothermics, the Avos politely asked Hotpaws to relocate outside the city’s walls. Hotpaws was sad, but ultimately understood. He did not want to accidentally sneeze out a pyroclastic cloud and level an entire metropolis again. It had happened once before.
Now, Hotpaws gets to play with all kinds of friends, and he and Snooker are rarely found apart. Aside from making up new games and testing Snooker’s trickshot abilities, Hotpaws loves helping his fellow Avonovans: whether Roostandor! needs an egg-spell incubating or Kana needs an emergency cooking flame, Hotpaws is there for them.
But, despite his best intentions, Hotpaws’s permanent volcanic state does cause some problems. A notorious hot sleeper, friends have to be careful to leave enough room around Hotpaws at slumber parties lest they melt right through the floor! He also becomes extra floor-melty when he’s nervous. Or excited. Or eating. Or if he stands in one place for too long. Basically, everyone has to take extra care around Hotpaws, but they’re happy to do so to enjoy his excellent company.
Hotpaws loves his new life beyond the volcano, and, above all, his new friends. He longs to be able to high-five and hug them, but is scared of hurting them by accident, which makes him pretty sad sometimes. Not for too long though—Hotpaws knows anything is possible in Avonova.