The B-Boy Sneakerhead
Born and raised on yet another dying Earth, Joshua grew up fantasizing about joining a street dancing group, whose moves seemed to defy gravity. Everyday he’d gather on the streets of New Detroit to watch the busking dancers perform. Dazzled and entranced, he memorized their movements, found their songs, and even saved up for a pair of colorful Buggin’ sneakers. However, there was one problem: anytime Josh tried to dance, he couldn’t find the beat. It was as if he had two left feet and no sense of rhythm.
Undeterred, Josh thought it was his crummy sneakers. He scrimped and saved and waited for hours to buy a pair of limited edition Buggin’ kicks. As the last pair was in his hands, he realized the price tag far exceeded the money he’d saved… because he forgot to factor in the sales tax. Discouraged, Josh went home to rethink his life, only to find that his father had a present for him. It wasn’t Buggin’s, or any other hyped-up brand; it was an old pair of shoes from the 2200s—a pair of FalconZ. They were centuries out of style, older than vintage, and not very cool at all… much like Josh himself. Still, they spoke to him and he loved them instantly.
Something magical happened when uncool Josh laced up those ancient sneakers. He tried them on and immediately felt lighter. Stranger still, he heard a rhythm in his heartbeat, a fluttering whimsical tempo that made him feel like dancing, so he unleashed and cut a rug… along with the fabric of space and time. The groove started in his heart and traveled through his nerves and up to his brain. He spun and twirled, flipped and kicked, popped and locked with more precision and passion than even the street performers he’d idolized. When he snapped out of his dancing reverie, Josh found himself in Sparkadia. After getting accustomed to this marvelous new world thrumming with music only he seemed to hear, Josh came to one conclusion: his breakdancing broke the laws of physics. In Sparkadia, his dance moves are nearly unrivaled. He’s cool. He’s on the beat, always in step, never out of the pocket of the groove. He goes by “Jet” now, and his audience of Humans, Fabled, Machina, and the occasional Avos brings him joy and pride. He’s the best dancer in all the multiverses. Many rise up to challenge him: Rhondo the Flamenco-dancing Machina Matador… Roostandor!, with his traditional dance of the egg-spheres, and lots of Fabled who play strange music. But all of them bow to the new king of cool: Jet.
Hero Quotes:
Dance like the universe is smiling on you!
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