The Oddball Ovomancer
Have you ever hatched a wish from a magical egg? If not, meet Roostandor! In the Fabled Realm, Ovomancy is an oblique manner of spellcasting that involves intense incubation of delicate dream-eggs until they hatch from ovum into outstanding displays of sorcery.​
No matter how much he studied and practiced, Roostandor! could only hatch spells that went awry. Ostracized by the ostentatious Oracular Ovomancy Order... until he crawled inside one of his own egg-spells and hatched into Avonova.
Now, he's the only egg mage anybody needs, and his hatched spells are wilder than ever. Nobody dares miss out on asking for a wish to be granted by the one and only Roostandor!
Hero Quote:​ Crack thy delicate carapace, ye egg of dreams!
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