Hatched out of a botched egg-spell into a world he’s half convinced he single-handedly created, Roostandor! is the finest Ovomancer in all of Sparkadia. Of course, he is the only Ovomancer in Sparkadia, but that’s a minor detail.
Back home in his slice of the Fabled Realm, this chickeny wizard (or wizardy chicken, depending on your perspective) was one of many training under the exasperated eye of the famed Ovotron. He was often reprimanded for his lack of concentration and attention to detail when casting spells, usually resulting in extremely dangerous mistakes, but Roostandor! knew his mentor really had to scold him to make the other, inferior Ovomancers feel better. Roostandor! became so used to hearing his name yelled by his teachers and peers that he adopted the exclamation mark permanently, and insists it is not silent.
In Sparkadia, Roostandor! is eager to impart wisdom on his fellow inhabitants—he believes it is the responsibility of the mighty to take pity on the feeble, and there is none mightier than he. Indeed, he is so keen to showcase his undeniable magnificence that he is willing to go to any lengths to ensure it is witnessed. Bring a star down from the sky to interrogate it? Naturally. Blow up someone’s kitchen to show eggs aren’t for eating? It’s what any reasonable person would do. Transport someone through time and space just to prove them wrong? Not even a challenge. It might take a while for him to remember exactly how to cast the spells to accomplish such things, but Roostandor! is nothing if not determined.
Roostandor!’s friends can always rely on him to conjure up an egg-spell to help solve their problems… even if they haven’t asked him to, and even if they don’t actually have a problem. Such situations require delicate handling (and preferably protective gear), and no one can ever be quite sure what the Ovomancer will do, but one thing’s for certain: he’s the only one who could do it.