Crafting Stations

What does crafting look like in Sparkadia?

Crafting stations are NFTs that allow their owner to craft their own NFTs as well as craft for others. They are installed on dwellings and have five different rarity tiers.
Crafting stations take time, Jingles, and a blueprint NFT to craft the selected NFT. They can generally craft NFTs of their same rarity level. They are also equipped with a perk slot, which allows players to use tokens to roll different perks that enhance the crafting station. Perks include things like faster crafting time, Jingles discount, higher royalty fees, etc.
Crafting stations can also dismantle any crafted NFT for free. Need a legendary blueprint for that Edenbrawl skin you really want? You can buy another legendary Edenbrawl skin, dismantle it to extract the blueprint, then craft the skin you want.
Crafting stations will initially be bundled with Dwellings during their presale, with their rarity corresponding to the rarity of the Dwelling purchased. Afterwards, they will be distributed through reward and staking pools.
Crafting stations are also upgradable! The more you use them, the more XP they accumulate, until they become eligible to upgrade to the next tier for a token price. We also want to make sure that anyone willing to stay active and sink their tokens into their crafting station can make it to the top, so all 200,000 crafting stations can be upgraded to the highest rarity.