Dwellings (Land)

Your home away from home

Everyone needs a place to call home and Sparkadia is no exception. Every player will have access to an individualized off-chain Dwelling, easily accessible through the hub world of Sparkadia. These dwellings are akin to a traditional player housing system that consists of a plot of land where players can select a primary structure and personalize the structure itself and the space around it.
In Sparkadia, dwellings are focused on utility throughout the ecosystem rather than simply yield-farming. Beyond having just a decked out hang out spot (which we absolutely encourage!), Dwellings grant you access to Collections, Modifiers, Hero Cards, and Crafting Stations, all of which provide unique interactions for player's gameplay and economic interactions across Sparkadia, such as game progression, cosmetic unlocks, reward progression, and more!


All Dwellings within Sparkadia are instanced, meaning the space is not physically accessible directly from the primary Sparkadia city, but rather, teleporting to it. This is in contrast to the standard "plots of land" model where each plot is adjacent to another and each can be seen and physically accessed. The decision to instance was made primarily due to maintaining the curated visual feel of Sparkadia's main hub and to reduce technical constraints on the hub world. Most importantly, it emphasizes our accessibility pillar by allowing ALL players to have at least some form of land, not just a select few.

Dwelling Tiers

Six dwelling Tiers exist within Sparkadia: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythic.
Each tier comes with a larger space of land for customization AND additional slots for modifiers, collections, and crafting stations. For example, owners of mythic dwellings will have access to both higher-tier modifiers and the ability to use more modifiers at the same time.
All tiers above "common" are NFTs and limited in issuance.

Acquiring/Purchasing a Dwelling

All players receive an off-chain common dwelling by default. Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythic dwellings are on-chain and acquirable through pre-sales, staking pools, and reward pools. Common dwellings cannot be sold or traded on the marketplace, though Uncommon and above (Premium dwellings) can be!
One presale of each rarity is planned (more details to come!) with more than half of the dwellings being reserved for staking and reward pools, allowing every player a chance at acquiring one!
You can view the latest numbers and timeline estimated on the Broken link page. We'll be releasing more information and content on Dwellings prior to them going on sale.

Dwelling Personalization

Beyond just the utility of owning a dwelling, there's potentially the most important aspect: making it your own, aka making it look ridiculously cool (or ridiculously goofy if that's your style!) Through gameplay and economic means, players will acquire different cosmetics like floors, paintings, furnishings, furniture, bushes, fountains, etc. that they can use to decorate their dwelling inside and out. Players can combine all these elements to create unique creations, showcasing their dwelling in the public showcase (which will even have judges and prizes!)

Interactive Props

Looking at things is fun, but more fun is doing things. Along with the standard cosmetics, players can place fun, interactive props throughout their land. Jump on trampolines, create a complex maze, put two giant magnets together (for science), glide from island to island. Your dwellings are meant to be a place of life, full of wacky props to create the world's most epic get together or simply a relaxing place to pass the time.

Your Personal Hall of Legends

Beyond just cosmetics, your dwelling serves as the history of your travels. Every trophy you unlock, badge you earn, historic screenshot of that game winner you have, all are fair game for making those that visit your dwelling know that you have a history within Sparkadia and that history is awesome.

The Cosmic Barbecue

What's the point of having a beautiful dwelling if others can't see it!? Players can invite friends (or strangers!) into their dwelling at any time. It's time to host the universe's greatest cosmic barbecue. Show off your trophies and collectibles, give your friends a tour of your perfectly aesthetic and decorated house, or simply sit in a lawn chair and wait for that friend that is always late to finally log on so you start playing!