Hero Cards

Your favorite hero, uniquely yours

Sparkadia features a profile portrait NFT mechanic focused around your favorite Hero called "Hero Cards". Each card consists of three different elements that make up the NFT.
Players first need to earn a Card NFT blueprint. When they go to craft it, they receive an off-chain card with three different elements (think head, torso, legs). These will be randomized, with some being rarer than others. Players can then use tokens to roll each element in an attempt to get the one they want. Once they're happy with their portrait, they can mint it into an NFT without any additional cost. Each hero card will have thousands of combinations and can result in an entirely unique hero card.
Hero Cards open up new progression pathways for players. They can stake them to receive a ticket buff to their ticket pass, and they can progress the Portrait by burning NFTs into it. This unlocks additional buffs in other areas of the ecosystem and games. The rarer the Portrait, the higher the buff levels a player can reach. For example, an uncommon rarity Portrait might have a +5% ticket buff cap that can be reached by burning NFTs, but a legendary rarity Portrait can reach a +25% ticket buff cap.