Other Currencies


Our hard currency is called Jingles. Similar to RP in League of Legends, Jingles are used for all of the core features of the games:
  • Purchasing Ticket Passes
  • Crafting an NFT
  • Purchasing off-chain items or services from Worldspark
Jingles can be:
  • Purchased directly from Worldspark for fiat currency
  • Earned by crafting for others
  • Exchanging your locked tokens (Token Essence)
  • Trading in your tokens
Jingles, Worldspark’s hard currency, focuses around core gameplay features. Most content can be accessed through Jingles but tokens give access to additional perks and buffs.


Tickets are an in-game resource earned predominantly by finishing ticket passes. Their sole use is to participate in reward pools for a chance to win on-chain items and $SPARK. Tickets must be used within the month their are won but there are ways to carry over a limited quantity to the next month. Tickets are account bound meaning they cannot be sold or transferred.

In-Game Currencies

Throughout the Sparkadia ecosystem, games may have individual currencies specific to the game, known as in-game currencies. These typically relate directly to the game only and have no carry over relevance to the rest of the ecosystem. For example, Saga of Sparks, the Idle RPG game, may have hero crystals that help your hero level up. These hero crystals are off-chain and would exist solely in Saga of Sparks.