$SPARK Token & Utility


$SPARK is the native token for the Sparkadia ecosystem. It has a fixed supply of 1,000,000,000 (one billion) tokens. $SPARK is purely a utility token that has multiple uses within the ecosystem, though confers no governance rights.

Acquiring $SPARK

There are two ways to obtain the token: through the initial public sale distribution from Worldspark, or by acquiring a Token Essence from the Reward Pools.

Token Essence

Token Essences are raffle prizes deposited in the player’s inventory. The Token Essence gradually converts from Jingles into tokens over time. The player can elect to harvest the essence early, receiving more Jingles, but less tokens, or wait the full duration and receive the full disbursement of tokens.

Token Utility

Tokens were designed with traditional in-game resources in mind. Players can use them to:
  • Reroll or extend the duration of gameplay perks
  • Stake for utility NFT and ticket rewards
  • Exchange for Jingles
  • Enter Tournaments
  • Customize their utility portrait

Tokens can be exchanged for Jingles in two ways:

  • Exchanging Token Essence (locked tokens) for Jingles. This includes a varying bonus amount of Jingles rewarded to the player.
  • Exchanging an unlocked token for Jingles. The exchange is variable based on the exchange value of tokens.

Rolling for Perks

Access powerful perks in crafting and your utility portrait through the use of tokens.
Crafting stations are equipped with a perk slot that confer different crafting benefits, such as:
  • Craft NFTs one rarity level above your crafting station's rarity
  • Craft 10% faster
  • Increase the royalty % of crafted NFTs
  • Increase the cut of Jingles you receive for crafting
Players can roll the perk using tokens. Benefits are temporary but can be extended through additional tokens.
Utility portraits use a randomized set of characteristics of different rarities to confer additional ticket rewards. The rarity of the portrait NFT determines the ticket buff a player receives. Before minting the NFT, players can use tokens to reroll each element of the portrait to try to get a higher rarity %.


Tournaments in Edenbrawl are focused on the community. Players and teams pay a token entry fee, which goes into a prize pool. Worldspark removes a minority portion of tokens from circulation and distributes the majority amongst the top finishing players and teams.


Sparkadia's staking pools work a little differently. Rather than unsustainably issue more tokens for staking tokens, we reward stakers with dwelling and crafting station NFTs, as well as tickets.
How it works (using dwellings)
  1. 1.
    Stake tokens to accumulate staking points and climb the staking pool leaderboard
  2. 2.
    Points are calculated based on amount staked and duration they were staked for. Extra weight is placed on duration.
  3. 3.
    Once you reach a certain threshold in the leaderboard, you are rewarded an Uncommon Tier dwelling. You can then claim the dwelling and receive your tokens back, remain staked to win a higher rarity dwelling, or opt to burn your staked tokens and automatically upgrade to the next rarity dwelling.
The mechanic is the same for crafting stations. For the ticket staking pool, you can temporarily park tokens in order to passively win some tickets.