Development, Tech, & Partnerships


Sparkadia's first game, Edenbrawl began all the way back in mid-2016 as a hobby project by Chandler Thomlison (now CEO of Worldspark Studios). Given the limited funding (entirely self-funded, about $200k total), Edenbrawl was methodically built by over 250+ freelancers, eventually reaching a prototype slice with a small, cult following that had been testing and iterating on the game for years. With this iteration came a fully functional, actually fun game, now well on it's way to being more than just a hobby.
The evolution of Edenbrawl over 5 years
Despite no formal team and armed only with an incredible game, Edenbrawl began the hunt for funding in November and raised a $3M seed round in December of 2021, led by Animoca Brands and Shima Capital.
Participants in Worldspark's $3M seed round
With this funding, Edenbrawl formalized under Worldspark Studios and began building a full game development studio, managing to hire an absolutely incredible roster of developers from AAA studios such as Riot, Bungie, and Blizzard. Along with the new team, Worldspark formulated the 'world-as-a-service' plan, which eventually evolved into the ecosystem of games model now known as Sparkadia.
Now, with an entire team of hardened veterans and enough resources to take it to the next level, Edenbrawl is leading the charge as to the potential of the Sparkadia IP and ecosystem.

Blockchain - Immutable X

Sparkadia is proud to partner with Immutable X as our Blockchain of choice. Most important in this selection was IMX's specific focus on games, and games only. With zero transaction fees and zero gas fees, Immutable allows the Sparkadia ecosystem to seamlessly integrate on-chain transactions without needing to alter game design and allows Worldspark to focus simply on building the best games possible.


Unreal Engine 5

The Sparkadian ecosystem thrives on its game quality, and there's no more powerful tool to build AAA games than Unreal.


Accelbyte is a "backend-as-a-service", providing numerous multiplayer services to support the operation of our games, including matchmaking, account management, storefronts (off-chain), and even dynamic scaling server infrastructure.


As mentioned on our Vision & Pillars for Sparkadia, having low barriers for entry is key to the success of the ecosystem. Stardust is pivotal to that, providing both a custodial wallet solution (no wallet creation required for traditional gamers) and a middleware blockchain API layer (minimizes blockchain development requirements), allowing us as developers to focus on games, and our partners to focus the success of the blockchain elements.

Development Partners and Outsourcing

Worldspark utilizes several key teams to aid in the development of the Sparkadia ecosystem.
SixMoreVodka - Long-time IP development studio for Riot Games, SMV has contributed countless concept explorations for the Sparkadia IP.
Superseed Studios - Owned and operated by fellow Riot Games/League of Legends veterans, Superseed provides animation and technical art support.
Sequence Group - Famed animation studio behind iconic videos from Apex Legends, League of Legends, Halo, and more, Sequence is creating Sparkadia's first ever cinematric trailer.
Economics Design - Along side our internal economic team, Economics Design helped create the entire Sparkadia economic model.