Welcome to Sparkadia


Welcome to Sparkadia, a new ‘ecosystem of games’ featuring whimsical characters, a lighthearted ‘cozy-cosmic’ world, and best of all, super fun gameplay experiences. Create and customize your avatar as a citizen of Sparkadia and from there, jump between our various games to see our characters come to life and immerse yourself in the tales of wonder threaded through our universe.

But really, what is it?

Sparkadia refers to an interconnected series of games, each developed by Worldspark Studios and all linked together by the same world, narrative, characters, and even economy. Each individual game can be pictured as a 'spoke', with a central social world (dare we say, metaverse?) serving as the 'hub'. Each spoke is specifically designed for it's place in the ecosystem, meaning there's multiple degrees of interoperability where able. For example, if two games use the same champions and therefore the same skins, players will only need to buy the skin once to use in both games!
Terminology Clarification: Sparkadia refers to both the ecosystem as a whole and the hub world specifically. The games ('spokes') will be individually referred to as their respective names.

...Another metaverse?

Not quite! One key pillar within Sparkadia is that the "world is not our game". Sparkadia is driven by it's games and supported by it's social elements, not the other way around. In this sense, the hub world serves as a virtual lobby, allowing players a central connection between their favorite Worldspark games.
One common issue with metaverses is that while the community elements and social systems can be strong, there's only so much these systems can drive player activity. In the Sparkadia ecosystem, the games are designed as that primary player driver. The reason to come to our world is to play our games and the hub world serves as an additional engagement tool for players to further immerse themselves in the Sparkadia world and IP.
Many metaverses are locked behind Avatar gameplay mechanics and therefore lack the punch a full AAA game should pack. Sparkadia takes a game-design-first approach, meaning each game is designed independently to create the most successful game possible and THEN integrated into the ecosystem. Your avatar serves as a citizen of Sparkadia, but inside the games, you're a famous hero (RPG), a hardened soldier (Shooter), a unique champion (MOBA).

The Arcade Analogy

Put simply, Sparkadia is an arcade (a Spark-Ade even!).
Imagine you just got out of school or off of work and you plan to meet up with your friends. You're the first one home, so you login to Sparkadia and run around the 'lobby' of the arcade, socializing, ordering that mediocre microwave pizza Arcades always sell, and most importantly, prepping for the intense gaming session you're about to undertake. This lobby is the world of Sparkadia (the hub).
As your friends arrive (or you get tired of waiting), it's time to head out to the main floor, where there's an array of various arcade machines to play. These are our games (the spokes). While the lobby is great for socializing and planning your expedition, these games are the real reason you came to the arcade in the first place!
While Sparkadia's games are AAA genres such as MOBA, Shooter, Action-RPG, Hero Collector, Card Battler, etc., everyone knows no arcade is complete without tickets. All gameplay within Sparkadia earns you progress on your central "Worldspark Account", of which can net you multiple bonuses across the ecosystem, including shared achievements, collectibles, off-chain items, avatar personalization items, and more.
When you're finally done playing, it's time to head back to the lobby and unwind. Here you can redeem your tickets, eat more pizza, and most importantly, brag about your accomplishments!

Who's making it?

Behind Sparkadia is Worldspark Studios. Worldspark formalized in early 2022, quickly hiring a powerhouse roster of AAA veterans from companies such as Riot, Bungie, and Blizzard with major contributions to games like League of Legends, Valorant, Fortnite, Heroes of the Storm, Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Overwatch, and many, many more.

Finding your Spark

Sparkadia is just getting started and we'd love for you to be a part in it's creation! Come find your Spark with us!